Open 9 am - 6 pm

Beirut, Lebanon

Open 9 am - 6 pm

Beirut, Lebanon

Open 9 am - 6 pm

Beirut, Lebanon

Order Amazon to Lebanon: Cash on Delivery

Order Amazon to Lebanon: Cash on Delivery

Get Amazon Products Shipped Direct to Lebanon

Are you based in Lebanon and questioning how to order products from Amazon USA ?

Well, you've landed in the right place because that's exactly what our shopping service can do for you.

Eve Concierge is Lebanon's #1 shopping service trusted to buy and deliver your online orders from Amazon (and more) direct to your doorstep, cash on delivery.

You may have a number of questions about how to order and ship products from Amazon to Lebanon, here will try to answer them for you and then we will outline what Eve Concierge can do for you to give you the best shopping experience.

First you may be wondering, can't I order direct from Amazon to Lebanon myself?

It is possible to buy and ship directly from Amazon USA to Lebanon yourself (given you have a working payment method), however you may encounter several headaches along the way.

For starters, a large majority of sellers on Amazon do not ship directly to Lebanon. This will tremendously limit the choice of products you can order. You will see the below type alert when you are viewing a product you want but that does not ship to Lebanon.

Secondly, you will likely encounter very high shipping and customs clearance fees - that's never fun! The reason is that Amazon uses third party couriers who charge exorbitant prices to get the products shipped from USA to Lebanon. Here's an example of what you may see given that the seller does ship direct from Amazon to Lebanon. This is a best estimate, the chances are you will pay even higher fees when the package arrives to your door for customs and clearance (and local delivery).

A third example is if you order certain products like books or supplements, when they arrive to Lebanon they will need to get clearance from their respective Ministries (Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health). This is a time-consuming and frustrating task that you will have to do yourself in order to clear the package. Not to mention extra cost you will need to pay for clearance.

Fourth, you will not be able to know the final price of your order before you place it. Therefore, when you finally receive your package in Lebanon, you will be presented with extra charges you may not have anticipated or accounted for.

Remove all those headaches when ordering with Eve Concierge

When you order any product from Amazon to Lebanon, we handle the entire process for you. We buy the products you want, ship them, clear customs in Lebanon and deliver to your door. There is no need to think about an online payment method, exorbitant shipping fees, or clearing your goods from customs. One hot tip that we can share with you is how to search from Amazon USA to see the full product catalogue, check it out here.

BEFORE you confirm your order, you will be sent a delivery quotation with all fees included so you will know the final price delivered to your door - no surprises. Note that we've successfully shipped and cleared all types of goods including books, supplements, and even certain medical tools and appliances.

Amazon USA is one of the top online stores that our customers place orders from every month, be sure to check out Amazon to Lebanon on our website to get some ideas of what you can order!

How To Order from Amazon to Lebanon with Eve Concierge

The process to order from Amazon to Lebanon is super easy, convenient and safe (all your orders are 100% insured in case of damages or incorrect item).

1. Text "Start" to our live customer service agents on WhatsApp 71 000 971

2. Send the link of the item/s you want to order from Amazon

3. Get a delivery quotation that details the final price delivered to your door (there will be no hidden fees on arrival). You will receive two payment options: Pay Now (more affordable option to pay now via OMT or by visiting our office in Sin El Fil) or Pay Later (cash on delivery)

4. Select your preferred payment option you want and the agents will process your order

5. Depending on how fast the seller ships out, your order from Amazon will arrive in Lebanon within 2-3 weeks

Customer service is available everyday from 9am-9pm on WhatsApp 71 000 971 to assist with all orders and inquiries. 

We hope to serve you soon!