Open 9 am - 6 pm

Beirut, Lebanon

Open 9 am - 6 pm

Beirut, Lebanon

Open 9 am - 6 pm

Beirut, Lebanon

Why Eve Concierge?

Eve Concierge is Lebanon's most trusted shopping service that reliably delivers all your online orders from USA stores to Lebanon, Cash on Delivery.

Our top priority is ensuring a safe, reliable and trustworthy process for our customers from the moment they text us on WhatsApp until the package is delivered to their door. 

Order Easily on WhatsApp

There is no sign-up or registration required. You can order anything from USA to Lebanon. Text "Start" to WhatsApp 71 000 971 and our live customer service agents will assist you with your inquiry or order.

We Buy For You

With Eve Concierge, you do not need to have international credit cards with fresh dollars to buy from USA. We buy the items for you, ship them, clear customs and deliver to your doorstep in Lebanon. Payment is cash on delivery.

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Real-Time Customer Service

Get real-time replies from our live agents on WhatsApp, available everyday from 9am - 9pm including weekends and holidays.

Get Final Price Before You Confirm

You will know the final price of your item delivered from USA to Lebanon before you confirm your order. This will include shipping fees, customs and service. We will also share the estimated delivery time your order needs to arrive.

Cash on Delivery in Lebanon

You can pay Cash on Delivery for orders from Amazon to Lebanon (or any other top USA store). You will also have the option to pay Cash on Order, a more affordable option that allows you pay once you decide to confirm your order.

No Dimensional Weight Charges

Unlike other shopping services, we do not charge dimensional weight for Air Cargo shipments.

Order Insurance

Your shopping orders are fully insured with Eve Concierge. If your item arrives damaged or not as you requested, you will receive a refund.

Trusted Since 2016

Our job is done only when our customers are happy and satisfied with our service. We have the privilege of serving thousands of customers all over Lebanon with new customers joining our service every day since 2016.