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Always Check Prices in USA Before Buying in Lebanon: Shop Smarter, Save Money

Always Check Prices in USA Before Buying in Lebanon: Shop Smarter, Save Money

Why Check Prices in USA Before Buying in Lebanon?

You might be surprised to know that if you place orders from USA online stores such as Amazon, eBay or Nike, you can in fact save money on what you would have spent to buy the same items in Lebanon - even including shipping & customs fees!

So if you have your eye on a particular item here in Lebanon, we highly recommend you get a delivery quotation from Eve Concierge first to check how much the same item would cost to be delivered from USA. Typical delivery time is 2-3 weeks from USA to your door in Lebanon so it's definitely worth a little wait to save the extra needed cash!

Keep reading below to discover which categories of items will always be cheaper if you order them from USA.

Here are three reasons for you to check prices in USA before buying in Lebanon:

1. Cheaper Prices When Purchased Directly From the Source

When you search for items that are physically based in USA, the majority of the time, the prices are simply cheaper. For example, the same Nike sneaker you'll find on or, is cheaper than you'll find at the Nike store in Lebanon.

When you order it directly from the source, and add on shipping & customs fees, usually you'll still be able to get that item delivered to your doorstep in Lebanon at a better price. 

2. USA Website Deals Are Constant and Exciting

USA shopping is some of the best shopping in the world, in that there are always deals that you can capture. The online shopping arena is so competitive there that you will most likely always find a sale or a limited-time deal. As we write this article as of January 2024 you'll see for example these Winter Deals on Amazon.

Similarly, eBay has an entire section dedicated to deals by category of items you are looking for: Featured, Tech, Fashion, Home and more. This is what you can find right now for example on the site under Featured Deals.

3. You Will Get a Delivery Quotation To Lebanon Before You Confirm the Order

Send the item/s that you found on a USA online store to our customer service team on WhatsApp 71 000 971 and they will send you a delivery quotation with the final price delivered to your door in Lebanon: no hidden or surprise fees. This way you will be able to already know and compare it to the price of the same item available in a local store.

Tips To Find The Best Prices on USA Online Stores

Here are 5 shopping tips to find the best prices when you search on USA online stores before sending the links to customer service to get a delivery quotation to Lebanon.

1. Always Change Your Location to USA When Searching on a US-Based Online Store

When you visit any USA top online store website to start your search, always make sure to change your location to USA.

Doing this will show you the full catalogue that is available for you to order, because all the sellers are able to ship to USA. If you keep your location as Lebanon, it will only show you the sellers who ship to Lebanon and this will dramatically decrease the catalogue of items you will see. 

2. Know What You Want 

It's always a better idea to know what you are looking for as you start your search. Know how much this item is being sold for in Lebanon so you will be able to compare the price on the delivery quotation you get from Eve Concierge.

It will also help you search for the best deal that you can find for that item in order to save the maximum amount. For example, one of our clients recently ordered this Lego set below for the final price of $265 delivered to his door. The price for the exact same Lego set in Lebanon is being sold at $330. If you could save $65 on one order, imagine how much you could save the whole year!

3. Check For Heavy Weight Items

Whenever you ship items from anywhere in the world, the weight of your item will always determine how expensive the final price will be. Shipping cost is primarily determined by the total weight of your item/s.

As you're doing your search, bear in mind if the item is especially heavy, this will increase the cost of shipping and the final price delivered to your door. It IS possible to order heavy items, however it is best to be aware that you will be charged per kg. If you've found your item at a great price, in most cases it will still be viable to ship it from USA and save money.

4. Understand Items Classified As HAZMAT (Dangerous) Goods

There is a list of items that are classified as HAZMAT goods by all shipping couriers. Naturally as it is more difficult to ship them (due to export papers needed, shipping them in special cargo planes, and higher customs taxation) - and in some cases impossible to ship, they will be more expensive in general than standard goods.

If it is not possible to ship the item, customer service will notify you after they check the link you send them. If it is possible, you will notice that there are higher customs and service fees for this type of item. Examples of HAZMAT goods include items with batteries or cosmetics containing alcohol or liquids. Customer service on WhatsApp 71 000 971 will assist you with any inquiries on this.

5. Online Prices Fluctuate

Pricing of items on online stores like or usually tend of fluctuate (according to seasonality, items left in stock, bidding...). If you have previously purchased an item for a certain price, bear in mind that the price may have changed when you conduct a newer search. It's best to make sure you sure your searches are up to date. 

Categories of Items That Are Cheaper To Order From USA 

This may be the most important part of this article to learn how to shop smarter and save money when ordering from USA.

There are certain categories that you will almost always be able to order at cheaper prices from USA to Lebanon than what is available locally: these include Supplements, Light-Weight Car Parts, Clothing & Sneakers, and Toys & Collectibles.

In other categories you will find that sometimes the prices will be cheaper, in others they won't be. Again, you will be able to check the final price of the item delivered to your door in Lebanon before you confirm the order. There are no surprise or hidden fees.

Here is a breakdown of the categories:

Always Cheaper When Ordered From USA

The below categories are the top ones that our customers order from USA, and it's because they find that the prices are lower than sourcing the same products locally. Of course there are many instances where the items are not even available locally. 

1. Supplements: Customers usually order supplements from iHerb and Amazon, and sometimes eBay. It is one of the top most ordered categories of items from our customers here in Lebanon. Supplements here tend to be grossly overpriced mainly because they need special permits to import them. We will handle that process for you and rest assured you will always get a better price when ordering them from USA.

2. Light-Weight Car Parts: This includes car lights for example, not heavy weight car parts (although sometimes they are still cheaper to order from USA). If you need a light-weight car part, we highly recommend checking the price from eBay for example, before getting it from a local car part retailer. 

3. Clothing & Sneakers: This is one of the top ordered categories by our customers and it includes all types of clothing for men, women and children as well as sneakers, boots, slippers and all types of shoes. Top ordered brands include Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Boss, True Religion, Karl Lagerfeld, Puma, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Fig, Under Armor, Victoria's Secret and more.

4. Toys and Collectibles: With this category, if you know, you know! It's possible to get your hands on the top toys and collectibles from USA that are simply not available in Lebanon or are much cheaper to order from USA. Top ordered brands include Lego and Funko Pop.

Sometimes Cheaper When Ordered From USA

Here are the categories of items that are sometimes cheaper when ordered from USA. You'll have to get a delivery quotation from customer service and then compare the price to what's available in Lebanon. 

5. Consumer Electronics:  

6. Cosmetics

7. Books 

8. Home & Kitchen

9. Sport Equipment 

10. Other Categories 

How Can You Get a Delivery Quotation / Place an Order?

Eve Concierge ordering process is very simple, safe and secure. Simply send the links of what you want to WhatsApp 71 000 971 and the customer service team will check the links. They will send you a delivery quotation with the final price delivered to your door in Lebanon including all fees.

We hope that we've helped you discover how to shop smarter and save money by placing orders from USA. If you have any questions or further inquiries our customer service team will assist you anytime between 9am - 6pm on WhatsApp 71 000 971. 

We look forward to serving you!